Need to find qualified renters? Let us help screen potential renters reduce vacancy time protect you from legal issues maximize the return on investment

Starting at $200, our service specializes in helping you keep your property producing income. We will advertise your property and screen the renters for you.

Services offered


Having your property listed on the MLS gives it the necessary exposure it needs to be rented quickly.  We will also advertise your property on Facebook Market Place, Instagram, and Craigslist to give you the best chance on finding a qualified renter.

Lease Signing

We will handle the lease signing with the renter. We have a notary on staff and will invite the prospective renter to the office for the signing lLeaving you free to tackle more important issues.

Comissions to Renters Agent

This is how we keep our agents excited to rent your property. With our combination of skilled agents, top-notch marketing, and years of experience your property will be rented even faster than you hoped. 

Necessary Disclosures

Making sure the necessary disclosures are given to the tenant and having the proper paperwork signed helps protect you from potential lawsuits. Let us help make the process as easy as possible

Pre-Move in Inspection

Property Management will conduct a pre-move in inspections to make sure your property’s condition is documented prior to the tenant moving in. This ensures that you can take legal action should a tenant cause harm to your property.

Our Pricing Table

  • MLS Advertising
  • Income Verification
  • Eviction Check
  • Credit Check
  • *Does not include Lease or Walk-thru
  • MLS and Social Media ads
  • Lease Agreement between owner and tenant
  • Payout to Renters Agent($350 Co-op)
  •  MLS and Social Media ads
  • Payout to Renters Agent($350 Co-op)
  • Pre-move in inspection by property management
  • Lease Agreement between owner and tenant
  • All necessary disclosures

What Our Clients Say

"They helped me rent my property in half the time it normally took. They did a great job of finding a qualified renter quickly"
Alvin Henderson
Property Owner
"I can't believe how easy it was! I will definitely be using their services in the future"
David Jones
Property Owner
"I wish I would have known about this sooner. Well worth the money to let them handle the hassle of renting my property."
Jeff Hankins
Property Owner

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